myCOOLMAN Lithium PowerPack

Adventure unplugged.

Our magnetic myCOOLMAN Lithium PowerPack frees you of the need to be tethered to your vehicle or a heavy and cumbersome power source.

Revolutionising the portable fridge/freezer industry, the myCOOLMAN PowerPack is portable and lightweight power in a sleek body that seamlessly attaches to the side of your myCOOLMAN fridge.

Unplug your next adventure with the perfect accessory for your myCOOLMAN fridge, whether at a BBQ, beach or backyard cricket game. Fishing with mates or camping off the beaten track? No worries, myCOOLMAN can power your next adventure wherever it may be.

PowerPack Compatibility:

The myCOOLMAN PowerPack has been specifically designed for use with the myCOOLMAN range of compressor fridges/freezers. No other testing has been done on other brands.

Approximate Run Time
on myCOOLMAN fridges (hrs)
30L The Transporter 18
36L The Compact 18
44L The Weekender 14
53L The Explorer 14
60L The Allrounder 13
69L The Traveller 13
73L The Partier 11
85L The Adventurer 8
96L The Ultimate 8
105L The Fisherman 8