Beko 60cm 16 PL Dishwasher With Hygiene Intense & Auto Door Opening WH

Decadent dinners, family gatherings, and hosting mates at home is all fun and games until it's time to wash the dishes.
Nothing says convenience in the kitchen quite like a dishwasher - designed to take care of your dirty dishes at the click of a button. Dishwashers are the perfect kitchen companion for busy bodies, large families, and everyone in between. Gone are the days of dreading the aftermath of cooking with the right tools in your arsenal – your dishes will be the last of your worries with a freestanding dishwasher from Beko.

*AquaIntense® - There’s an easy way to wash those hard-to-clean dishes. AquaIntense® creates a powerful cleaning zone with intense water pressure, so even your filthiest pots and pans get expertly cleaned. No matter what you make, or how long it cooks, your dishes come out spotless.

*SelfDry - Get your dishes perfectly dry, without using up any more energy. SelfDry™ lets air in by opening its door automatically after the program is finished and circulates that around your wash, so that your dishes are clean without any water stains.

*Fast+ - 3 times faster cleaning. Sometimes you don’t have the time to wait for a full wash cycle to finish. The Fast+ function speeds up the washing cycle for up to 3 times* with optimum performance, meaning you can wash and serve in no time at all.*Tested by internal laboratories.

*16 Place Setting - Perfect for big, busy families. The flexibility of the top cutlery tray, unique shape of the top basket and foldable tines throughout the dishwasher provides it’s large capacity and allows you to fit more in… so you can fit it all in, in one wash.

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